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Client speak

“We have a mandatory 30 days upgrade release cycle for each of our 4 product lines. In addition, our training content is highly interactive, and provides hands-on lab environment. We were looking for a company that could develop content from beta upgrade versions, keep delivery sync with our upgrade schedule, and match our high standard of interactive content. Our search ended with Harbinger.”
  - A leading IT company 

Interactive Training from Technology Experts

Content Development Services – What we offer

Harbinger’s content development strategy is a combination of subject matter expertise in elearning technology and experience in developing interactive learning. The domain expertise is gained from a pool of subject matter experts working on real life projects to provide software solutions. Harbinger has in-depth experience in making content standards compliant and integrated with down stream technologies. The content developed by Harbinger is rich in interactivity, and uses learning elements such as Show Me, Let-me-try, and interactive assessments.

Many of the leading learning management systems have hosted and tracked content developed by Harbinger.

Leading IT training company chose Harbinger

   Enhanced learner experience
         • Interactive
         • Hands-on

   Enhanced quality of content
         • Crisp subject matter
         • Psychometrically mapped

   Reduced cost of content development
         • Reusable library of interactivities
         • On-demand skills
         • Offshore cost difference

A leading IT company in North America engaged Harbinger to develop mission-critical content services. Harbinger developed scenario-based elearning content on Microsoft technology.

Vertical and Solution Type:
Certification training on Microsoft .NET Curriculum

IT and Programming Experts

The Challenge:
To implement the elearning training principle that “learning by doing provides the quickest and most effective way to develop skills and ensure ongoing competency with technology”.

The Solution: Harbinger utilized Simulation and Scenario based learning strategies to achieve the unique objective and challenge. The Harbinger developed solution tested the learner's skill in a virtual experiential environment. The approach presented basic concepts, scenario and conditions required to perform a lab exercise. The tangible learning benefits were developed through hands-on-experience.

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