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Client speak

    “To understand the cost savings     involved in Rapid Interactivity Creation,     we started with a thirty-minute     interactive elearning module, which     consisted of 20 screens, 10 questions     and 4 interactivities. We got it     completed in 30% less time. The     difference was entirely on account of     time saved in Flash programming.” 

                   - A leading elearning company


 Raptivity, the world's first rapid interactivity builder, allows you to build interactive elearning, which gets learners completely     engaged. Whether you are a trainer, an educator or a subject matter expert, you can use Raptivity yourself with minimal learning     and absolutely no programming. With Raptivity, you can continue using your existing authoring environment and processes.

                                                                                                                                               More info at

How do we leverage Raptivity in custom content development?
“I want to deliver 40 hrs. of interactive elearning within 2 months and I can’t hire more programmers for this. Can you help?” – enquired one of our customers. We sensed the pulse right away and started leveraging Raptivity’s interaction models for the custom content project. Since then Harbinger has done many projects using Raptivity’s interaction models. This new optional approach has brought customers with needs that we could not fulfill earlier through programming based content development approach.

Scenario 1:  Highly interactive elearning, but no time for programming
                 Where customers need highly interactive elearning content but have a short time, a programming based                              development approach would not be suitable to meet rollout deadlines. Raptivity’s interaction models quickly
                 and efficiently add jazz to the content, so that content can be rolled in a very short time.
                 Learn more about no-programming interactivity building at

Scenario 2:  High volume of interactive elearning, not manageable in-house
                 Where customers have produced large volume of interactive elearning, but do not have adequate team, budget,
                 or timeline to customize the content in-house. Harbinger saves considerable time and money through its unique                  Custom Interactivity Building Service (CIBS) that builds a reusable library of interaction models, using Raptivity’s                  patent pending technology.
                 Learn more about library based interactivity building

Scenario 3:  Refurbish current elearning with interactivities, but within non-elastic budget
                 Where customers fancy highly engaging interactive elearning, but have a very limited budget. Raptivity produced
                 interactivities that can be used in any content as its platform independent.
                 Learn more about platform independent interactivity building at
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